Sweet Potato Fries

One thing I discovered while going on a carb restricted diet is that I like sweet potato fries.  That’s noteworthy for me because I do not like sweet potatoes in the manner they are generally prepared around Thanksgiving time.  By the way, as far as the US Agriculture Department is concerned, Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Sweet and Sour Pork

What to do with a leftover pork loin roast?  I was faced with that question and decided to try my hand at a recipe for sweet and sour pork.  After considerable research on the Internet, I devised may own recipe that came from many differing approaches, and bearing in mind that I prefer a wheat-free,

Warm Tomato Goat Cheese Salad with Pesto

I will give credit to Wolfgang Puck for this recipe although as usual, I made some modifications.  You can make your own pesto sauce if you want to go to the trouble, and Wolfgang’s recipe is below, but there are so many quality brands in the grocery store these days, freshly made is just not

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