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Vanilla Tray Cake with Frosting & Dried Rasperries

VANILLA TRAY CAKE WITH FROSTING     & DRIED RASPBERRIES This lovely cake is so quick and easy to make and just warms your heart when you just fancy a piece of sweet cake with a cup of coffee.  The simplicity is its strength and your guests will never know you are on a keto diet. 

Vanilla Fudge

VANILLA FUDGE Can you believe you can eat anything like fudge when on a diet?  Well, with keto and low-carb you can – as long as you use a sugar substitute like Bocha Sweet.  Discovering this product has totally revolutionised my keto diet and cooking.  Using Bocha Sweet is allowing me to indulge my sweet

Vanilla Ice Cream

VANILLA ICE CREAM Summertime means that you have to have ice cream right?  I was never a lover of ice cream as a child, but now that I make my own, I can think of little better than rich, creamy ice cream with a selection of toppings to suit your mood.  So here is my

Vanilla Cake


This lovely, simple, cake is delicious just on it’s own with a cuppa, but can be easily adapted to add chocolate, caramel, lemon, orange – anything you fancy really.  I just love it on it’s own.  It’s a 10-12 slice loaf cake that takes just 1 hour to make and bake and with only 5 carbs per slice, it’s a little keto power-house of vanilla sweetness and comfort.

Vanilla Cherry Martini


When you love cherries, cocktails and vodka, this is a must.  It looks lovely in the glass and although I don’t eat the non-keto maraschino cherry, I think the drink looks and tastes better with it sitting in the bottom of the glass!  Only 1g of carbs per cocktail.  Happy Christmas everyone!

Carrot Cake with Vanilla Frosting


There’s something very comforting about carrot cake.  This is a spicy and moist cake, with a tangy and sweet filling, that offers a richness of flavour and texture that you would not expect from a cake you can eat on a keto or low-carb diet.  With only 5.3 carbs per slice, this is an afternoon tea special you’ll want to make time and time again.

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