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Lucy’s Cipriani Cake

LUCY’S CIPRIANI CAKE My stepdaughter, Lucy, is staying with us at the moment and she’s inspired me to pick up my blog again and to publish all the lovely recipes I’ve been making over the last couple of months.  She loves baking and needed a little encouragement and advice, so she made this for us! 

Toffee Sauce

TOFFEE SAUCE This is the most amazing and versatile toffee sauce.  It can be used hot as a runny sauce, or cold as a thicker, spreadable sauce.  I use it to drizzle over desserts and doughnuts, to spread in the middle of cakes, to use in the middle of melt-in-the-middle toffee puddings, to pour over

Spinach & Feta Pinwheels

SPINACH & FETA PINWHEELS After making the Indian Samosa Pinwheels last weekend and because I love feta cheese, I was inspired to create a new and popular option on the pinwheel – a spinach and feta version.  This is a lovely option and can be made so quickly.  The pinwheels can be made up in

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