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Buttermilk Pan Biscuits

My Number One Fan gets all the credit for finding this incredibly simple, easy biscuit recipe from “The Country Cook” website, called “Butter Dip Buttermilk Biscuits”.  For years, I’ve resisted baking.  I found baking tedious, requiring tools and patience I don’t have.  Nothing could be further from the truth with this recipe!  The only thing

Kicked Up Meatloaf with Mac and Cheese

In the preceding post, I included a recipe for Boursin Macaroni & Cheese.  It was great, fit the bill for the evening I had planned, but was not to be repeated on this occasion.  This was not just about Mac & Cheese.  This was about the totality of a Comfort Food Dinner.  After a grueling

Oven “Fried” Green Tomatoes

The traditional Southern dish of Fried Green Tomatoes, of course, is like many other Southern delicacies, batter dipped and deep fried.  Green tomatoes are difficult to find in the stores as a rule because most people don’t know what to do with them.  But I occasionally see them and when I do, I take the

A Mexican Supper

Hungry for Mexican food, but trying to watch the calories, I decided to make an oven-fried chimichanga recipe that my Number One Fan and had previously prepared one evening.  This recipe came from the Easy Recipe website and was a re-post of the original found on the the Creme de la Crumb website.  Since we

Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin

There seems to be a little confusion as to the difference between what is commonly referred to as Scalloped Potatoes versus Potatoes Au Gratin.  Betty Crocker even packages their instant versions of these recipes both ways, with essentially the same ingredients.  “Scalloped” refers to the shape of the potato, while “au gratin” is a culinary

Baked Grits Gratin with Sherry Mushroom Topping

Tired of the usual accompaniments for dinner on this particular evening, I felt like something out-of-the-ordinary.  Taking something as common and ordinary as grits, and elevating it to an absolutely sublime side dish really fit the bill.  And I’ll tell you: as a left over, microwaved with a pat of butter, they are almost better

Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad

This is a very versatile salad that could be modified any number of ways.  For example, you can add feta cheese and instead of balsamic vinegar, make a red wine salad dressing to create a Greek style salad. Go to my Salad Dressing Repository for other salad dressing ideas. You could also top with sliced

Apricot Brandy Glazed Cornish Game Hens with Wild Rice Casserole

A Rock Cornish Game Hen is not from Cornwall, and neither did it originate there.  It is not a game bird, but domestically raised.  And it may or may not in fact be a hen; fifty/fifty it’s a male bird.  So what the hell is it?  It’s a small chicken.  Period.  The USDA defines it

Yorkshire Pudding

This recipe should really be called “Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding,” because that’s what you eat with Yorkshire Pudding.  This is, in fact, the national dish of Great Britain.  But I’ve already posted the quintessential roast beef recipe, Roast Prime Ribs of Beef Au Jus and you can click here to get it.  So, this

Sweet Potato Fries

One thing I discovered while going on a carb restricted diet is that I like sweet potato fries.  That’s noteworthy for me because I do not like sweet potatoes in the manner they are generally prepared around Thanksgiving time.  By the way, as far as the US Agriculture Department is concerned, Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Warm Tomato Goat Cheese Salad with Pesto

I will give credit to Wolfgang Puck for this recipe although as usual, I made some modifications.  You can make your own pesto sauce if you want to go to the trouble, and Wolfgang’s recipe is below, but there are so many quality brands in the grocery store these days, freshly made is just not

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