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Short Ribs & Cheese Grits

  This is an amalgamation of two of my previous short rib recipes, namely Beef Short Ribs and Tomato Ragoût and Easy Crock Pot Short Ribs, paired with a simple cheese grits recipe that came together in an utterly sublime way.  Although I have previously renounced the need to brown the ribs in hot oil

Roasted Beef Short Ribs

I love short ribs.  They are a very rich, special dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways.  Here are links to ones I’ve created: All of these recipes have one thing in common:  they are all cooked in liquid, or “braised” using culinary terminology.  Some of these recipes also call for two

Easy Crock-Pot Short Ribs

I did a Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib recipe which was modified from a recipe found on the Pioneer Woman website.  It was great, I stand by it, and I’ll make it again some day.  But not yesterday.  I just didn’t want the hassle of using three different cooking vessels to make short ribs.  I

Braised Short Ribs

This another short rib recipe from the Pioneer Woman website.  Short Ribs are good dinner fare; the aroma of them simmering away in a rich broth, filling the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon is the stuff of culinary legend.  I’ve adapted several short rib recipes into my Kitchen Tapestry, including Beef Short Ribs &

Korean Style Short Rib Tacos with Cucumber Slaw

This recipe is just unbelievably good.  Although it is a relatively easy recipe to follow, it takes two days to make.  Day One is a crock pot affair with the ribs as they cook down all day.  Day Two is the all-important step of removing most of the fat from the dish, and then simmering

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