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Gorgonzola Cole Slaw

In our household, my Number One Fan is the Vice President of Cole Slaw.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because I never really made cole slaw before we met; I just bought it, usually at KFC or a neighborhood barbecue joint.  But restaurant prepared cole slaw and store-bought, too, will almost always contain sugar,

My Number One Fan’s Chopped Salad

This is a salad that My Number One Fan created as part of a menu at our house that is meant to accompany Tomato Basil Soup for a complete meal.  The recipe for our Tomato Basil Soup can be found here. The original salad was called Nancy’s Chopped Salad from a 2014 post in the

Salade de Haricots Verts Amandine

It was Emeril Lagasse who got me to thinking about using green beans as a salad and I’ve posted one of his recipes, Roasted Fennel and Green Bean Salad, which later inspired another creation, Haricots Verts Cucumber Salad.  While “Haricots Verts” are just French words for Green Beans, they are, in culinary terms, a skinnier,

Chicken Salad

Like many so-called classic recipes, chicken salad and its origins are debatable.  The current narrative is that chicken salad came about after the invention of mayonnaise, which food historians place sometime in the early eighteenth century in France.  Etymology of the name is obscure but some believe it originated from the provincial French town of

Green Pea Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

I’ve been posting a number of authentic Sunday picnic salad recipes lately, including Southern Style Potato Salad and Waldorf Salad.  I took care to post recipes that I had thoroughly researched to provide historical context and an authentic version of both recipes.  These are the kind of salads one sees at a potluck supper or

Waldorf Salad

I’m starting to get down on bloggers who call their recipes “classic” when they are anything but. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “classic” as “serving as the established model or standard.”  In the world of recipes that means, to me at least, the first and original recipe, not later interpretations or iterations of the very

Southern Style Potato Salad

Potatoes, cooked in wine and dressed with vinegar and spices, was a dish allegedly introduced to the New World by Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century.  The first known published recipes for potato salad appeared in the mid-19th century and was brought to America by German immigrants who dressed potatoes in oil, vinegar and herbs. 

Low Carb Copycat Taco Seasoning

There’s about a billion ways to make a Taco Salad. They were purportedly first served as “Ta-Cups” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955, created by the original inventor of Fritos Corn Chips, Elmer Doolin. That’s at least the official version of the story from a 2013 book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America.

Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad

This is a very versatile salad that could be modified any number of ways.  For example, you can add feta cheese and instead of balsamic vinegar, make a red wine salad dressing to create a Greek style salad. Go to my Salad Dressing Repository for other salad dressing ideas. You could also top with sliced

Warm Tomato Goat Cheese Salad with Pesto

I will give credit to Wolfgang Puck for this recipe although as usual, I made some modifications.  You can make your own pesto sauce if you want to go to the trouble, and Wolfgang’s recipe is below, but there are so many quality brands in the grocery store these days, freshly made is just not

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