Category: Salad Dressings

My Number One Fan’s Chopped Salad

This is a salad that My Number One Fan created as part of a menu at our house that is meant to accompany Tomato Basil Soup for a complete meal.  The recipe for our Tomato Basil Soup can be found here. The original salad was called Nancy’s Chopped Salad from a 2014 post in the

No Honey “Honey” Mustard Dressing

I was a food and beverage director in the early 1980s for a swank hotel in Atlanta that had five restaurants, three bars and 60,000 square feet of banquet space.  We had eight kitchens including our own butcher shop and pastry shop.  I learned a great deal about the art of creative cooking in those

Broiled Salmon with Avocado Cream Sauce

This is more about the sauce than the salmon.  This velvety green concoction is versatile enough that it would serve many purposes, and would be great on scallops or other kinds of broiled or pan-seared fish, or even as a creamy salad dressing.  I just happened to have purchased salmon for last evening’s meal.  In

Basil Vinaigrette

I’m not sure this is a true vinaigrette in the classical sense.  Vinaigrettes are vinegar, oil and seasonings, like herbs, spices and lemon juice.  The star of this recipe is the herb itself.  The oil and vinegar are almost incidental.  And neither is this just a salad dressing.  It is delicious on simply sliced tomatoes,

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