Category: prawns

Prawn Zucchini


This is a wonderfully tasty and quick dish to prepare.  Packed full of flavour, the prawns and zucchini in a rich creamy cheese sauce is a perfect dish to serve alone, with a slice of keto bread or as an accompaniment to roast chicken or a hearty sirloin steak.  With only 9.5 carbs per serving as a meal or 5 carbs as an accompaniment, this is a hearty and delicious addition to any keto menu.

Prawn Cocktail


This timeless classic is a firm favourite as a starter course in our household.  There’s something rather special about plump juicy prawns smothered in home-made, tangy, sweet cocktail sauce.  With only 5.5 carbs per serving, this is a nutritious, healthy, keto-friendly option.   Served in cocktail or dessert glasses, they make for impressive starters.

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