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Capellini Pie

The more common version of this recipe is called Spaghetti Pie.  But spaghetti is not what I had on hand for this occasion when I needed to use up an over-production of Angel Hair pasta I made several days before.  I had some jarred Italian sauce left, so I improvised to make a pie out

Simply the Best Keto Pasta

SIMPLY THE BEST KETO PASTA I’ve discovered a new way to make keto pasta!  It is nothing short of amazing and this is absolutely the best keto pasta I have made.  I’ve had several attempts and had to juggle a number of ingredients, but I’ve got there.  This recipe has successfully made sheets of pasta

Keto Pasta

KETO PASTA I have tried so many recipes for Keto Pasta – the cheese-based ones that disappointingly, but obviously, just melt when you pour your sauce over or through them and also the courgette/zucchini substitutes for pasta (which are actually quite good and excellent for lasagne), but nothing truly compares to real past.  It’s a

Boursin Macaroni & Cheese in a Crock Pot

This is a re-post of a Boursin Macaroni & Cheese recipe I did in 2016, but updated to accommodate a new methodology of cooking it that is infinitely easier, with thanks and recognition to My Number One Fan for having found it on the Damn Delicious website.  This is my recipe, however.  I give credit

Kicked Up Meatloaf with Mac and Cheese

In the preceding post, I included a recipe for Boursin Macaroni & Cheese.  It was great, fit the bill for the evening I had planned, but was not to be repeated on this occasion.  This was not just about Mac & Cheese.  This was about the totality of a Comfort Food Dinner.  After a grueling

Soba Noodles with Shrimp & Tomatoes

I always have frozen peeled, de-veined shrimp in the freezer and combining that ingredient with pasta seems to be my go-to dish when I’m in the mood for something relatively easy, fast and light.  It seems there are all manner of ways to combine these two ingredients based on the kind of pasta you might

Cold Asian Noodles & Shrimp

It’s hot.  It’s August. Time for something cold and refreshing for dinner.  This is what I made up in my kitchen this past weekend.  The thing I like about this approach is that you can use any kind of noodle or Asian noodle, and shrimp is the only other non-negotiable ingredient.  While I used what

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