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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

CHOCOLATE OLIVE OIL CAKE This deliciously rich, moist and gooey cake is to die for.  It is incredibly simple to make and, I am sure it will now become a staple, go-to, cake recipe in our household.  I’ve converted the recipe from a regular Sainsbury’s cookbook, so it’s now incredibly keto-friendly and each slice has

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Pie


Chocolate and orange are traditional Christmas flavour favourites, so I’ve put together a wonderful chocolate orange cheesecake pie.  This decadent cheesecake is made very quickly and uses Montezuma’s 100% cocoa Orange & Cocoa Nib black chocolate for a deliciously rich and decadent taste.  Even with a crispy chocolate pastry base, this delightful dessert only has 5 carbs per serving?  Go on, treat yourself!

Christmas Tiramisu


This is a Christmas twist on a traditional Italian dessert.  It’s a boozy treat with brandy, orange and Christmas spices you can easily adjust to your own taste.  It can be made within 30 minutes, start to finish, so is ideal for whipping up a quick, but spectacular dessert if friends and family join you for supper.  Only 6.5 carbs per serving, what’s not to like?

Mince Pies with Orange Pastry


I absolutely love mince pies, but they are certainly a huge no, no when following a keto or low-carb diet.  It’s been a challenge to create mincemeat without dried fruit and sugar, so I’ve played around with several recipes and eventually settled on this one.  At just less than 4 carbs per pie, these mince pies are certainly going to satisfy that desire for crispy, sweet, shortcrust pastry and Christmas-spiced fruit filling.

Christmas Muffins with Tangy Frosting


These lovely muffins taste delicious, are packed with flavour from beautiful, rich, spices and make the whole house smell of Christmas baking.  The recipe makes between 12 and 14 muffins and, together with the frosting, they come in at a nifty 5g of carbs each. Perfect with a cuppa and to have as a staple in the freezer for when visitors arrive.

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