Category: Low Carb Bread

Cloud Bread Blinis

According to my Number One Fan, cloud bread is all the rage among the Keto recipe bloggers these days.  In preparation for a Wedding Anniversary Dinner with caviar we had flown in from an importer in New Jersey, I found this recipe for making low carb blinis. Blinis are the traditional Russian accoutrements for transporting

Low Carb Banana Avocado Bread

I had two bananas and an avocado that were a day or two beyond ripe.  After a brief search on the Internet, I found dozens of recipes for Banana-Avocado Bread, including one from the website that used almond flour and almost no added sugar.  Say no more.  I made, as usual, a couple of

Microwave Low Carb “Bread”

I’m grateful that one cannot copyright a recipe.  One can copyright the printing of a recipe or a collection of recipes, the name of the recipe and associated photos, but because ingredients of a recipe and its accompanying measurements are considered intangible ideas using common ingredients in the public domain, an individual recipe escapes the

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