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Creamed English Peas with Mushrooms and Pimento

Last night, I did something of a “pub grub” menu with Cottage Beef Pies and Sticky Toffee Pudding, neither of which I prepared personally, but merely heated through what had been purchased from a mail-order gourmet frozen food supplier.  But the menu needed some rounding out and I researched what I seemed to have remembered

Kitchen Tapestry: Crock Pot Chili

This recipe has been updated from the original version posted April 9, 2009.   For something so simple, with relatively few ingredients, chili con carne, or chili with meat, a.k.a. “chili,” has developed a whole lot of mystique, much of which I deem unwarranted. Chili cook-offs as originally created in the late sixties were more drunk-fests

Kitchen Tapestry: Red Beans & Rice

  Fat Tuesday is the final day of decadence and lack of restraint before buckling down and doing some serious atonement for your sins during Lent. It is the culmination of the season known as Mardi Gras.  Tomorrow, you’ll perhaps have ashes applied to your forehead and spend the next six weeks denying yourself of

Kitchen Tapestry: Southern Style Cream Peas

Without the moniker “Southern Style,” the reader might mistaken this recipe for something entirely different, called Creamed Peas, which calls to mind the axiom “grammar matters.”  The past tense of the word “cream” gives a clue to the difference, in this case, English green peas that are creamed after the fact.  The basic recipe are

Lentil Soup with Kielbasa

To quote George Carlin, I grew up Catholic until I reached the age of reason.  I was told that the Catholic season of Lent, that period of time leading up to Easter where one is supposed to atone for one’s sins by practicing sacrifice and abstinence, had been named after the lentil pea.  I was

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