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Capellini Pie

The more common version of this recipe is called Spaghetti Pie.  But spaghetti is not what I had on hand for this occasion when I needed to use up an over-production of Angel Hair pasta I made several days before.  I had some jarred Italian sauce left, so I improvised to make a pie out

Simply the Best Keto Pasta

SIMPLY THE BEST KETO PASTA I’ve discovered a new way to make keto pasta!  It is nothing short of amazing and this is absolutely the best keto pasta I have made.  I’ve had several attempts and had to juggle a number of ingredients, but I’ve got there.  This recipe has successfully made sheets of pasta

Christmas Tiramisu


This is a Christmas twist on a traditional Italian dessert.  It’s a boozy treat with brandy, orange and Christmas spices you can easily adjust to your own taste.  It can be made within 30 minutes, start to finish, so is ideal for whipping up a quick, but spectacular dessert if friends and family join you for supper.  Only 6.5 carbs per serving, what’s not to like?



A firm family favourite of ours, I just had to adapt our traditional family recipe to enable us to continue to enjoy it whilst observing our keto and low-carb diets.  We like quite large portions, so this comes out at 9g each if you cut 6 portions from the recipe.  Using courgettes in place of the regular pasta has been a revelation.  It works!

Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Casserole

Here’s one you better be keeping an eye out for portion size.  It’s good enough to eat two servings, which I did, at a whopping 876 calories and 13 net carbs per serving.  That’s not dieting, which I’m trying to do, but damn, this is some good stuff.  My Number One Fan made this from

My Number One Fan’s Chopped Salad

This is a salad that My Number One Fan created as part of a menu at our house that is meant to accompany Tomato Basil Soup for a complete meal.  The recipe for our Tomato Basil Soup can be found here. The original salad was called Nancy’s Chopped Salad from a 2014 post in the

New Year’s Tenderloin Bruschetta

I’m calling this recipe New Year’s Tenderloin Bruschetta (a) because I made it as a New Year’s Eve accompaniment to a veritable bacchanal of premium caviar and Russian vodka shots, and (b) because I made my recipe, Marinated Tenderloin of Beef with Sauce Béarnaise for Christmas and had a fair amount of leftover tenderloin that

Sheet Pan Shenanigans

I like getting inducted into the latest culinary trend, and I rely on my Number One Fan to keep me educated on what those are.  Apparently when she’s not reading mine, she follows a bunch of other food bloggers.  There are some very creative chefs turned bloggers out there, or perhaps it’s the other way

Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Soup

My Number One Fan found this from a website called, which sounds like a Pioneer Woman knockoff.  I admit, I never considered taking the ingredients from a pizza and configuring a soup out of them, but this is pretty much what a sausage pepperoni pizza tastes like without the crust.  It’s very rich and

Two Recipes with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Marinated Artichoke Hearts

My Number One Fan deserves all the credit for these two outstanding recipes.  She did them just a couple of weeks apart, which fascinated me.  To be able to take two really good ingredients and combine them in different ways and with different meats was just brilliant!  And delicious! In this post, you will get

Italian Sausage Stuffed Eggplant

This is another recipe modified from a cooking site called ClosetCooking.  The guy apparently has a micro-home and closet-sized kitchen with some significant culinary talent.  I felt he over-complicated some things and tweaked the recipe somewhat.  You will need your own Italian tomato sauce for this recipe, or a jarred variety.  Our go-to Italian sauce

Versatile Italian Meatballs

Inspiration for this dish came from the South Your Mouth website, but with some modifications, as any reader of the Kitchen Tapestry should come to expect.  My Number One Fan gets all the credit for finding, modifying and preparing this really great version of the classic Italian meatball. I labeled this “Versatile” for a reason. 

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