Category: Grits

Short Ribs & Cheese Grits

  This is an amalgamation of two of my previous short rib recipes, namely Beef Short Ribs and Tomato Ragoût and Easy Crock Pot Short Ribs, paired with a simple cheese grits recipe that came together in an utterly sublime way.  Although I have previously renounced the need to brown the ribs in hot oil

Baked Grits Gratin with Sherry Mushroom Topping

Tired of the usual accompaniments for dinner on this particular evening, I felt like something out-of-the-ordinary.  Taking something as common and ordinary as grits, and elevating it to an absolutely sublime side dish really fit the bill.  And I’ll tell you: as a left over, microwaved with a pat of butter, they are almost better

Shrimp & Grits

A time-honored recipe of the deep South, and in particular the low country of South Carolina, there as many variations of this dish as there are cooks that make it.  Once you’re past the shrimp and grits part, the rest is left to the culinary imagination.  However, I think most everyone agrees the grits should

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