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Cheese & Onion Quiche


This wonderfully easy quiche is a staple in our family.  You can dress it up or down as you like and served with either a green salad or some keto-friendly vegetables, it’s a must.  With only 10g carbs per serving, it’s likely to become a go-to quick, supper or lunch for you too!

Red Hot Mess

This was something I made on the spur of the moment with ingredients I had on hand and named it instantly based on the fact that it is a mess, it was served hot and had red onions topped with Cholula Hot Sauce, hence, a Red Hot Mess, something of a double entendre.  In any

Egg Muffins

I really believe that in the culinary world, there isn’t much that is genuinely, truly new.  Things generally seem to be a reconfiguration or new methodology of an older iteration of the same basic concept.  In my day, it was the Atkins Diet that eliminated sugar and lowered carb counts.  But that was just a

Shirred Curried Eggs

This is something I created a very long time ago and routinely make to this day. I’ve been making it for so long I don’t remember the first time I made it or from where the inspiration came.  It’s so unique that I couldn’t find anything similar on the Internet, so I’m taking full credit

Crustless Quiche Lorraine

Maybe you’ll remember a time back in the late 1970’s and early 80’s when quiche was all the rage.  Restaurants of any caliber had their version of Quiche Lorraine on their menu and some restaurants wholly revolved around this dish, offering as many ingredient options as a pizza joint has toppings.  Quiche has been around

Sunday Brunch

I’m not sure how I talked myself into serving a Sunday Brunch to four families and eleven people as we said goodbye to 2015, but I did.  How was I going to do it?  How was I going to prepare food for all these people while still being able to maintain my duties as a

Sausage, Wild Rice & Red Bell Pepper Flourless Quiche

My Number One Fan found this delicious flourless quiche recipe on the Tasty Kitchen website for a light supper one evening, but I had the leftovers as breakfast rolled up in a soft flour tacos.  This would be fine as a traditional quiche, too.  Just fill a frozen pie shell with this recipe and modify

Flourless Mini Breakfast Quiche with Sausage and Mushrooms

I am constantly on the search for new, innovative ways to serve a low-carb breakfast.  This recipe was pulled by my Number One Fan and came from a website called, but I note that it also appears on other “heathlful eating” websites, so it’s obviously making the Internet rounds.  As I find with many

Ham & Asparagus Omelet Casserole

I make it a rule to never post anything in my recipe blog that I haven’t eaten.  And while I also generally hold that it is something I have also prepared, that doesn’t preclude me from posting a recipe actually made by my Number One Fan.  This is a delicious, light, dinner casserole, but it

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