Category: desserttoppings

Chocolate Ganache

CHOCOLATE GANACHE This simple to make and wonderful chocolate ganache is made in minutes and can be adjusted to produce a lighter or thicker sauce for the type of ganache you require – from simple glazing for the top of cakes to a cream-type filling for cakes or as piping for a topping for cupcakes

Mango Coulis

MANGO COULIS My favourite fruit is Mango, particularly Thai mango.  There’s simply nothing nicer than mango sorbet, mango coulis, fresh ripe cold mango pieces from the fridge on a hot, summer’s day.  It’s difficult on a keto or low-carb diet to incorporate much fruit as most fruits (including mango) contain so much natural sugar.  However,

Pistachio Praline

PISTACHIO PRALINE Oh, this is so wonderful.  If you love sweet, crunchy, nutty toppings for your desserts, then this is a to-die-for recipe!  So simple and so wonderful.  The sweet tang of almost pure (keto) sugar combined with the distinctive taste of pistachio is the perfect combination for ice-creams, panna cotta and other creamy desserts. 

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