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Rose Panna Cotta with Pistachio Praline

ROSE PANNA COTTA  with PISTACHIO PRALINE I have always loved Turkish Delight and when making regular panna cotta, decided to try adding rose water and decorating with pistachios and chocolate to give that rich, decadent taste of Turkish Delight.  This lovely, recipe is simple to make and looks just stunning when presented in glasses –

Cinnamon Rolls

I absolutely love cinnamon and I love the smell in the house when baking with cinnamon.  I tend to overdose on cinnamon in December and at Christmas, but these lovely American-style cinnamon treats are wonderful all year round. At only 1 net carbs per roll, you can have more than one – because one simply

Egg Custard Tart

EGG CUSTARD TART You will not know the difference between this wonderful traditional tart and the non-keto version. The pastry is sweet and crispy and the egg custard is sweet and creamy with the delicious taste of nutmeg. At only 4.5 carbs per slice, you’ll be so glad you gave the recipe a try. INGREDIENTS

Berry Pavlova with Sticky Toffee Sauce

BERRY PAVLOVA with STICKY TOFFEE SAUCE Here’s a truly wonderful summer dessert.  What could be nicer than soft, luscious, sweet pavlova with ripe strawberries and droplets of sticky toffee sauce? At only 3.5 net carbs per serving, this is going to be our favourite dessert throughout the summer. Ingredients – For an 8 serving Pavlova

Lemon Meringue Pie


Here’s another delicious, traditional, family-favourite for those sunny, spring and summer days ahead!  This lovely lemon-tart filling is complemented beautifully by crisp, sweet pastry and soft, sweet meringue.  With a dash of double cream to serve, it’s the perfect dessert or afternoon-tea treat.  

At only 5 carbs per serving, what are you waiting for?

Almond & Raspberry Muffins


I just love the combination of almond and raspberries.  There’s something rich and luxurious about these two flavours together and this recipe was inspired by my love of bakewell tarts.  The muffins are simple to make, bake in 18 minutes and can easily be frozen.  These lovely muffins have just 4.5 carbs each and are delicious with a cup of tea or coffee or warmed in the microwave and served with cream or custard as a dessert or pudding.

Chocolate Brownies


As a chocoholic, it has been lovely to work on my regular gluten-free brownie recipe to find a keto version – and here it is!  These yummy brownies are incredibly rich and lightly gooey in the middle.  I’ve baked them here in individual square tins (because they look pretty), but they can also be baked in a square or oblong tin and cut into portions.  This recipe makes 16 brownies and they have just 1.8 carbs each.  (2.3 carbs each if you add walnuts). Delicious, rich, yummy brownies.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Oh my!  Treat time.  Because it’s sometimes a challenge to find different ingredients in different countries, I’ve mixed three recipes together here to create my own version of this classic favourite. Sweet, light & spongy and with a very satisfying taste of Toffee, this lovely dessert is quick and easy to make and will satisfy those with the sweetest of teeth!  It’s only 3.5 carbs per serving and is worthy of any family table.

Bakewell Tarts


I love almonds and I love the taste of almond in sweet, baked goods.  I’ve created this recipe because I just love Bakewell Tarts.  They are a memory from my childhood, from Saturday teas and afternoons when my Nan came to visit.  With keto sweet pastry and my keto Raspberry jam, these lovely cakes are just 5.6 carbs each.  Well worth the effort of making.

Quick & Easy Carrot Cake


I’ve adapted this lovely, moist, carrot cake recipe from my favourite Banana Bread recipe.  It’s a low-carb, rather than keen keto, option, but it is nonetheless delicious and worthy of a try for a special treat.  I’ve managed to finesse a reasonable option for the traditional cream-cheese filling and topping too.  This cake is made in a loaf tin to provide 12 slices and without the cream cheese, it’s 6 carbs per slice and with the addition of filling and topping, it comes in at 6.5 carbs per slice.

Vanilla Cake


This lovely, simple, cake is delicious just on it’s own with a cuppa, but can be easily adapted to add chocolate, caramel, lemon, orange – anything you fancy really.  I just love it on it’s own.  It’s a 10-12 slice loaf cake that takes just 1 hour to make and bake and with only 5 carbs per slice, it’s a little keto power-house of vanilla sweetness and comfort.

Simply the best Keto Custard


I have tried so many versions of custard, but this simple recipe works every time, without separating as it is cooked.  It’s rich and creamy, sweet and comforting and at exactly the right consistency for pouring.  

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