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Kitchen Tapestry: Curry Chicken

“Curry” is a word that has different meanings depending on how it’s used.  The entomology of the word comes from use of the leaves of the curry tree, technically Murraya koenigii or Bergera koenigi, a tropical tree native to Asia.  The fresh leaves are used to season Curry dishes in India to this day, however,

Indian Samosa Pinwheels

INDIAN SAMOSA PINWHEELS I just fancied a samosa during this last week, so I put together a keto version with a twist on the fathead pizza dough that I use.  I was surprised at how well they turned out, so I’m sharing the recipe here.  You can use your favourite curry powder and although the

Naan Bread


Here’s a lovely naan bread accompaniment to your favourite curries and it comes out at only 1g per naan bread.  It takes a little while to cook a batch, so you need a little patience, but this recipe makes 8 naan breads and I find that I often freeze 4 to use at a later date.  They are particularly wonderful slathered with lashings of home-made garlic butter.

Cauliflower Rice


This lovely dish is a delicious and healthy, low-carb alternative to real rice.  When eaten with curries, chilli-con-carne and other highly tasty dishes, it is surprising just how well it works as a rice substitute.  With only 10g per (two-cup) serving and being so easy and quick to make, it has become a regular staple in our house.

Chicken Garam Masala


Satisfy your spice cravings. If you fancy something exotic that is quick and easy to make, then this lovely Indian dish is a must and only has 10g carbs per serving. It’s one of my go-to favourites and is easily adaptable to transform into delicious Thai curries too (which I’ll detail on separate posts).  I serve it with cauliflower rice and keto naan bread, which I’ll also detail on separate posts.  It’s just like being at your local Indian restaurant!

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