Category: Crepes (Low Carb)

Shrimp for Dinner Two Ways

This was one of those days when I was going to make dinner from whatever ingredients were on hand in our freezer, refrigerator or pantry.  I just wasn’t in the mood for dodging shopping carts and dealing with unsupervised children at the grocery store.  After a couple of hours on the Internet seeking inspiration, these

Low Carb Beef Enchiladas

I love Mexican food, but it’s tough to find recipes that are low-carb friendly. More to the point of this posting, it’s been hard, until now, to find a low-carb substitute for tortillas and tougher still to make enchiladas without them.  This is the second recipe I’ve tried with a relatively new product on the

Low Carb Chicken Mushroom Spinach Crepes

With credit to My Number One Fan for finding this recipe from the Low Carb Maven website, as well as for finding a product that saved me a whole lot of time, called Crepini Egg Thins, this is a Keto-friendly recipe that was incredibly easy to prepare, resulting in a low calorie/low carb dinner when

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