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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

CHOCOLATE OLIVE OIL CAKE This deliciously rich, moist and gooey cake is to die for.  It is incredibly simple to make and, I am sure it will now become a staple, go-to, cake recipe in our household.  I’ve converted the recipe from a regular Sainsbury’s cookbook, so it’s now incredibly keto-friendly and each slice has

Chocolate Heaven Cake


What can I say?  This truly lovely chocolate cake is a big hit with everyone who tries it.  I’m not sure if it’s the lovely chocolatey sponge, the amazing chocolate sauce, or the sweetened cream that hits the hot-spot for most people – maybe it’s the combination of all three?  At 7 carbs per slice (if you cut your cake into 12 slices), it’s a delicious treat you can have when you have a few carbs in the bank!

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