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Year of the Tiger Forbidden Fried Rice

Yesterday marked the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, and hence, the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year of 4720, the Year of the Tiger.  According to Chinese astrology, children born in the Year of the Tiger will be imbued with character traits of bravery, competitiveness, unpredictability, and confidence. They are very charming

So, Soy Me!

I can’t imagine a refrigerator without a bottle of soy sauce in it.  For our household, it’s a staple, like salt, pepper or ketchup.  It is readily available, versatile and admittedly underused in my daily cooking repertoire; more often brought out only when we order Chinese take-out but don’t want to exhaust ourselves opening those

Low Carb Beef Stir Fry

You can easily carb this up by serving it over rice, but on its own, this is a pretty delicious and healthful dish.  Truth be told, my Number One Fan had several “Reduced For Quick Sale” cuts of beef in the freezer, which was very frugal of her, but she had no plan to prepare

Shrimp Potstickers

So, a few months ago (a few posts down), I made Oven “Fried” Crab Rangoon.  I had a ton of won-ton skins left, which I froze.  I was unsure if they would thaw and be usable, but was delighted to find out that they survived very well, and this even though I had gone two

Oven “Fried” Crab Rangoon

This recipe originally was posted on an unknown website visited by my Number One Fan called, “Baked Cream Cheese Won-tons” and they were made with shrimp.  When I read it, I realized this was an amended version of a classic Cantonese appetizer I’ve seen on countless Chinese restaurant menus, Crab Rangoon.  I was intrigued with

Asian Shrimp Spring Rolls

Chinese New Year occurs around the same time as Mardi Gras, both of which are based on the lunar cycle.  I find that interesting, and basically both are a seasonal excuse for eating, drinking and, well, you know…partying!  Any reason to party is a good reason.  So, my Number One Fan and I were trying

Sweet and Sour Pork

What to do with a leftover pork loin roast?  I was faced with that question and decided to try my hand at a recipe for sweet and sour pork.  After considerable research on the Internet, I devised may own recipe that came from many differing approaches, and bearing in mind that I prefer a wheat-free,

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