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Kitchen Tapestry: Curry Chicken

“Curry” is a word that has different meanings depending on how it’s used.  The entomology of the word comes from use of the leaves of the curry tree, technically Murraya koenigii or Bergera koenigi, a tropical tree native to Asia.  The fresh leaves are used to season Curry dishes in India to this day, however,

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

JAMAICAN JERK SEASONING I found it impossible (recently) to find Jamaican Jerk seasoning in my local shops, so decided to make my own.  It’s all a matter of degree and taste, but this is as good a place to start as any.  I mixed a couple of different recipes together to determine my own family’s

Jamaican Baked Chicken

JAMAICAN BAKED CHICKEN This is a lovely, keto variation on the KFC type of chicken in seasoned breadcrumbs.  Very simple to make and absolutely delicious to eat.  I tend to make this with chicken thighs as there’s more meat on them than drumsticks and I make chicken breasts for my partner as he doesn’t like

Kitchen Tapestry: Chicken Divan

No one will ever be able to truthfully use the adjectives of “Original”, “Classic” or “Traditional” with their recipe for Chicken Divan because the chef that created it took his recipe to the grave. The dish’s origins are vague; some say it came from the 1930s; others say the ’40s and it may well have.

Teriyaki Sauce

TERIYAKI SAUCE Since I discovered Bocha Sweet as a natural alternative to granulated and powdered (icing) sugar, I’ve re-visited many of my regular home recipes to convert them to a keto version.  One of my favourite things is Teriyaki, but of course it contains sugar and maple syrup (in most recipes).  So, in order to

Persian Lemon Chicken Skewers

PERSIAN LEMON CHICKEN SKEWERS This wonderful recipe has been inspired by tasting the wonderful lemon chicken wings our Persian neighbours have shared with us at our annual neighbourhood BBQ.  It’s their family recipe, which has been a favourite for many years and is always a feature at our get-togethers.  Served with Persian Rice (made the

Low Carb Bacon Chicken Crock Pot Chowder

In the strictest interpretation of culinary terms, a chowder is a classification of soup that contains large chunks of protein and vegetables in a cream-based broth.  In the northeast, hearty seafood and clam chowders with diced potatoes are common.  In the southwest, chowders are made with choirzo, chicken and very often, corn instead of potatoes. 

Lo Carb Chicken Milanese with Sautéed Zucchini

In 2012, I posted a recipe for Paillard of Sirloin Milanese served with a tomato relish, found here. Although I didn’t write it into the title, it was also low carb and substituted soy flour for wheat flour that would be found in the original Italian recipe – which would be made with veal, not

Chicken Pot Pie

As I stated in my blog posting of June 2020, Weekday Chicken in the Oven Recipes: “I normally avoid posting dishes that are what I call “can-o-dis” recipes.  You know the type;  pour a “can-o-dis” kind of soup over something and then call that culinary art.  But I’m making an exception in this case because

Ingenious Sheet Pan Quesadillas

There are a bunch of online recipes for sheetpan quesadillas, and most of them are a form of oven-fried flour tortillas that have been filled foremost with cheese, and then folded on a sheet pan, topped by another sheet pan to apply pressure so the quesadilla seals during the baking process.  But there are only

Roast Chicken Breasts with Lemon & Herbs



This is one of those wonderful rustic dishes that takes just 10 minutes to prepare in the morning and then is simply put into the oven to bake, with an enticing aroma of tangy lemon and herbs filling the kitchen.  With only 4 carbs per portion, this is a hearty and delicious addition to any menu.

Chicken Garam Masala


Satisfy your spice cravings. If you fancy something exotic that is quick and easy to make, then this lovely Indian dish is a must and only has 10g carbs per serving. It’s one of my go-to favourites and is easily adaptable to transform into delicious Thai curries too (which I’ll detail on separate posts).  I serve it with cauliflower rice and keto naan bread, which I’ll also detail on separate posts.  It’s just like being at your local Indian restaurant!

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