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Lavender Shortbread

LAVENDER SHORTBREAD Having found the perfect recipe for Shortbread, I am now experimenting with different flavours.  I once went to a wedding in South Africa where the bride had used lavender as a theme.  Soft fabric purses were presented to each guest, filled with the most wonderful lavender shortbread.  So, the inspiration for this particular


SHORTBREAD I have tried so many recipes to try to find a way of making a keto version of shortbread that not only tastes like sweet, buttery, shortbread, but also has the crumbly dry texture of regular shortbread.  This is the best that I can find.  I’ve mixed three different recipes together to find what

Keto Crackers


These lovely seeded crackers are a staple snack in our house.  They are so easy to make and have a lovely crispy texture.  Delicious simply loaded with butter, but also delicious with Tirokafteri, butter and avocado slices, or butter and your favourite keto jam!  This recipe makes 18 substantial crackers (as I like them quite thick) and each cracker comes out at 1.5 carbs each.  Credit for the recipe goes to

Buttermilk Pan Biscuits

My Number One Fan gets all the credit for finding this incredibly simple, easy biscuit recipe from “The Country Cook” website, called “Butter Dip Buttermilk Biscuits”.  For years, I’ve resisted baking.  I found baking tedious, requiring tools and patience I don’t have.  Nothing could be further from the truth with this recipe!  The only thing

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