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Short Ribs & Cheese Grits

  This is an amalgamation of two of my previous short rib recipes, namely Beef Short Ribs and Tomato Ragoût and Easy Crock Pot Short Ribs, paired with a simple cheese grits recipe that came together in an utterly sublime way.  Although I have previously renounced the need to brown the ribs in hot oil

Kitchen Tapestry: Crock Pot Chili

This recipe has been updated from the original version posted April 9, 2009.   For something so simple, with relatively few ingredients, chili con carne, or chili with meat, a.k.a. “chili,” has developed a whole lot of mystique, much of which I deem unwarranted. Chili cook-offs as originally created in the late sixties were more drunk-fests

One Dish Cheeseburger Stuffed Baked Potato

  There are no boundaries to the imagination of ingredients that might be used to stuff a baked potato, but generally, we seem locked into butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and chives.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, because those are the condiments generally provided in a steakhouse when the titular entree

Salisbury Steak

  Don’t confuse Salisbury Steak with Swiss Steak.  A lot of people do, which is understandable since both are beef entrees that have been simmered in a sauce and are perfectly accompanied by mashed potatoes, rice or noodles.  Both gained popularity in the 1950s and ’60s with the advent of frozen TV dinners and were

Steak Tartare

The origin of this recipe is steeped in misinformation commonly repeated by people who lack critical thinking skills and are too lazy to conduct a modicum of research.  The usual tale is that this recipe is called “tartare” after the ethnic group, known as the Tartars (notice the absent ‘e’) who ultimately became part of

Creamy-Crispy Hamburger Rice Casserole

Anxious for some genuine, home-cooked comfort food after a grueling two weeks relocating our household from one state to another, and totally sick of DoorDash, I went about my new kitchen to create a dinner rice casserole.  Few things are as comforting to me as hamburger, cheese and white rice, and borrowing a few recipe

Indian Samosa Pinwheels

INDIAN SAMOSA PINWHEELS I just fancied a samosa during this last week, so I put together a keto version with a twist on the fathead pizza dough that I use.  I was surprised at how well they turned out, so I’m sharing the recipe here.  You can use your favourite curry powder and although the

Hearty Cheese Burgers


These simple and delicious burgers are a real treat on a keto diet.  Hearty, filling and satisfying and packing a wonderful taste, they are a weekly treat in our house.  I use the ‘Simply the Best Bread Rolls’ for the filler-bread and the best, leaner minced beef you can get from your local butcher or supermarket.  You can choose which cheese to use and whether to gently sauteé your onion in the juices from the burgers, or have the onion raw. These lovely burgers are only 5 carbs each.

San Antonio Beef

This is a re-posting of a recipe I published originally in July of 2010.  But I’ve made modifications to it and completely altered the cooking method from stove top to an oven-braised process.  Sugar Busters was one of the low-carb diet fads of the late 1990s.  The original book was written and published in 1998

Ingenious Sheet Pan Quesadillas

There are a bunch of online recipes for sheetpan quesadillas, and most of them are a form of oven-fried flour tortillas that have been filled foremost with cheese, and then folded on a sheet pan, topped by another sheet pan to apply pressure so the quesadilla seals during the baking process.  But there are only

Amazing Yorkshire Puddings

AMAZING YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS Being a Yorkshire lass, there’s nothing better than Sunday Lunch (or any lunch for that matter) including Yorkshire Puddings so, it’s been a relief and a welcome revelation for me to discover that Yorkshires can be made without using wheat.  Although Arrowroot (the wheat substitute) contains some starch carbohydrate, Yorkshire made this

Cottage Pie


This lovely winter dish has been given the keto treatment by using cauliflower mash.  When I first tried it on my family, they hadn’t even realised it wasn’t potato mash! It’s just 10g of carbs per serving, but with some steamed or creamed spinach, you’ll not need much else.

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