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Banana Bread (Low Carb)


This low-carb banana bread is delicious.  It’s sweet and comforting and packed full of banana flavour with a delightful texture.  Bananas are not particularly keto-friendly, but this cake compromises with the banana carbs by using low-carb almond flour, eggs and baking soda to raise it.  This cake is coming out at approximately 13 carbs per slice.  It’s a culinary luxury for those following a strict keto diet, but certainly acceptable for those following a low-carb diet.

Bananas Foster

I made this over the holidays for some dinner guests and forgot about posting it.  It’s an easy recipe that I made hundreds of times when I was a Maître d’ at a swank hotel restaurant in the ’70s where I also engaged in tableside preparations of Steak au Poivre, the recipe of which can

Low Carb Banana Avocado Bread

I had two bananas and an avocado that were a day or two beyond ripe.  After a brief search on the Internet, I found dozens of recipes for Banana-Avocado Bread, including one from the website that used almond flour and almost no added sugar.  Say no more.  I made, as usual, a couple of

Banana Pancakes

So, all the rage in dieting these days is something call the Paleo diet, or the so-called Caveman diet.  The theme essentially is to avoid all grains and gluten products, eating as we did when we were hunter gatherers before we became agrarian societies.  It’s a new twist on an old theme, essentially to avoid

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