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Almond & Raspberry Muffins


I just love the combination of almond and raspberries.  There’s something rich and luxurious about these two flavours together and this recipe was inspired by my love of bakewell tarts.  The muffins are simple to make, bake in 18 minutes and can easily be frozen.  These lovely muffins have just 4.5 carbs each and are delicious with a cup of tea or coffee or warmed in the microwave and served with cream or custard as a dessert or pudding.

Bakewell Tarts


I love almonds and I love the taste of almond in sweet, baked goods.  I’ve created this recipe because I just love Bakewell Tarts.  They are a memory from my childhood, from Saturday teas and afternoons when my Nan came to visit.  With keto sweet pastry and my keto Raspberry jam, these lovely cakes are just 5.6 carbs each.  Well worth the effort of making.

Christmas Muffins with Tangy Frosting


These lovely muffins taste delicious, are packed with flavour from beautiful, rich, spices and make the whole house smell of Christmas baking.  The recipe makes between 12 and 14 muffins and, together with the frosting, they come in at a nifty 5g of carbs each. Perfect with a cuppa and to have as a staple in the freezer for when visitors arrive.

Carrot Cake with Vanilla Frosting


There’s something very comforting about carrot cake.  This is a spicy and moist cake, with a tangy and sweet filling, that offers a richness of flavour and texture that you would not expect from a cake you can eat on a keto or low-carb diet.  With only 5.3 carbs per slice, this is an afternoon tea special you’ll want to make time and time again.

Banana Bread (Low Carb)


This low-carb banana bread is delicious.  It’s sweet and comforting and packed full of banana flavour with a delightful texture.  Bananas are not particularly keto-friendly, but this cake compromises with the banana carbs by using low-carb almond flour, eggs and baking soda to raise it.  This cake is coming out at approximately 13 carbs per slice.  It’s a culinary luxury for those following a strict keto diet, but certainly acceptable for those following a low-carb diet.

Lemon Caraway Cake


You know when you just fancy a piece of cake with a cup of coffee or tea?  Well, I have found this to be one of my favourite guilt-free pleasures.  With only 5 carbs per slice, this cake is tangy, sweet and exotic and reminds me of coming home from a long walk on a cold autumnal day and sitting inside with a steaming-hot cup of coffee and a warm glow in my cheeks.  

Chocolate Muffins


Here’s another every-day chocolate cake staple.  These muffins can be made and baked in 30 minutes and filled with the most amazing combinations of sweetened and flavoured cream. With only 4g of carbs per muffin, even with a cream filling, this is a daily treat you can always afford.

Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings


This is an incredibly easy recipe, quick to make.  It can be whipped up and made in 10 minutes from ingredients usually to hand in the store-cupboard) and is deliciously luxurious, served hot, with lashings of double cream.  At only 6.5 carbs per portion, it’s always an indulgent every-day pudding you can treat yourself to.

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