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Kitchen Tapestry: Yankee-Style Crock Pot Roast

  My Number One Fan requested that I make a Yankee Pot Roast and it got me to thinking, what exactly constitutes the “Yankee” part of a pot roast? To be sure, a pot roast is generally accepted to be a cut of beef braised for long hours in a savory liquid with a variety

Crock Pot 15-Bean Soup with Kielbasa

  There are probably several versions of a 15-bean soup product on the market, but I think the company, N.K. Hurst from Indianapolis, was the first on the market in 1986 with its HamBeens brand, and is today the largest seller of a multi-bean soup kit made from scratch.  It was a clever way to

Kitchen Tapestry: Marie Rose Sauce

Marie Rose Sauce is decidedly British and in the U.K., you can even buy it pre-made in glass jars. Traditionally, it is served with a prawn cocktail in much the same way we in the U.S. serve cocktail sauce with a shrimp cocktail.  Our sauce is basically a 3:1 ratio of ketchup to prepared horseradish

Apple Crumble with a Proper Custard Sauce

  This isn’t a particularly difficult dessert to make in terms of culinary prowess, but it is rather labor intensive.  The results are worth the investment, however, if you’re interested in serving a very traditional dish from the British Isles, which I’m pretty sure was the forerunner to the All-American Apple Pie.   I’m not sure

Kitchen Tapestry: Summery Chicken Salad

I guess one cannot have too many chicken salad recipes.  I posted one I created during the 2020 pandemic while at the same time, adding My Number One Fan’s favorite chicken salad recipe. Hers is arguably more Southern in its ingredients and flavor profile because it contains a boiled egg.  Today was really a serendipitous

Kitchen Tapestry: Brown Gravy

Making gravy is really very simple, so simple in fact that one wonders why use those ghastly concoctions that come in cans and a jars that calls itself “gravy.”  I will admit that I’m not above using an envelope of dried gravy mix once in awhile, but only as a flavor enhancer to scratch-made gravy

Kitchen Tapestry: Spanish Rice

There is no doubt but that I am looking for greater simplicity in food preparation as I get older.  There are times when I still like to engage in a complicated dinner preparation of multiple courses for guests that I might be entertaining or for an otherwise special occasion. For an average weeknight dinner, however,

Crock Pot Chicken & Brown Rice

Coning home from a road trip with a bad case of the GIs, and having not eaten anything in nearly 24 hours, I was finally in the mood for some real comfort food but did not want to spend any energy I didn’t have in a complicated, multi-step preparation.  What could be more comforting on

Beef & Wild Rice Casserole

This is a recipe I found in an old church recipe book that my mother had in her cookbook collection which I inherited.  It ended up being real comfort food on a night when I guess that’s what My Number One Fan and I needed most.  The cookbook was one of those where parishioners contribute

Kitchen Tapestry: Curry Chicken

“Curry” is a word that has different meanings depending on how it’s used.  The entomology of the word comes from use of the leaves of the curry tree, technically Murraya koenigii or Bergera koenigi, a tropical tree native to Asia.  The fresh leaves are used to season Curry dishes in India to this day, however,

Creamed English Peas with Mushrooms and Pimento

Last night, I did something of a “pub grub” menu with Cottage Beef Pies and Sticky Toffee Pudding, neither of which I prepared personally, but merely heated through what had been purchased from a mail-order gourmet frozen food supplier.  But the menu needed some rounding out and I researched what I seemed to have remembered

Short Ribs & Cheese Grits

  This is an amalgamation of two of my previous short rib recipes, namely Beef Short Ribs and Tomato Ragoût and Easy Crock Pot Short Ribs, paired with a simple cheese grits recipe that came together in an utterly sublime way.  Although I have previously renounced the need to brown the ribs in hot oil

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