Month: August 2018

Low Carb Airfryer Fried Okra

Okra is decidedly a very weird vegetable.  It is actually an edible seed pod that has mucilaginous qualities, which is why some people dislike it.  However, it is that slimy substance and viscous quality that gives Cajun Gumbo it’s texture and flavor.  In fact, in various sub-Saharan African languages, the vegetable is called gombo and

Chicken Florentine

“Florentine” in culinary parlance means something prepared in the style of the Florence region of Italy, and the Internet takes a lot of liberty with what is generally considered a classic preparation that has two features: fresh spinach that has been sauteed in butter and Mornay Sauce. A Mornay Sauce is a Béchamel Sauce with

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